Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dampiera adpressa

Dampiera adpressa in sandy heath of the central Pilliga

Note the very hairy calyx and long sepals
Family: Goodeniaceae

Common name: Bush Dampiera, Purple Beauty-bush.

Flowers: All Dampiera have 3 upper petals and 2 lower petals. Blue to purple-blue flowers occur in leaf axils. Calyx is covered in silver hairs with 3 upper sepals and 2 lower sepals. Flowering period can be between June and January.

Leaves and stems: Narrow, alternate, green leaves can be up to 5cm long, tending to sit a short distance from stem rather than spreading. Stems have shallow ribs and very short hairs.

Habit and Habitat: Dampiera adpressa is a spreading, multi-stemmed perennial shrub to 1mt high but usually much lower. I have seen Dampiera adpressa flowering profusely after rain in the sandy heaths of the central Pilliga. It makes a spectacular display, especially with a backdrop of other wildflowers. 

Leaves of Dampiera adpressa, with flower buds in leaf axils

Habitat of Dampiera adpressa in the central Pilliga

Open sandy habitat of Dampiera adpressa