Friday, July 20, 2012

Styphelia triflora

Notice the unripe fruit top centre of picture
 Family: Ericaceae, Subfamily Styphelioideae

Common name: Five Corners

[Note: In The Pilliga, Styphelia triflora Group B and Styphelia triflora Subsp. Group D are recorded. I do not have the knowledge to separate these subspecies or identify them.]

Flowers: Styphelia triflora is generally recorded as having pink to red flowers, however, the ones I have seen are greenish-cream. The long, slender tubular flower has a hairy interior, with 5 lobes recurved tightly, and 5 protruding stamens. Single flowers grow from leaf axils. The fruit is ovoid and 6 to 8mm long. Flowering period is mainly Jun to Oct.

Leaves: Erect, alternate, crowded, 3 to 8mm wide, up to 3cm long, tapering to a sharp tip.

Habit and habitat: Styphelia triflora is an erect shrub up to 2mt tall (but generally smaller) growing in dry Callitris/Acacia open woodland and heath. I've seen this plant growing on open roadsides at the edge of forest on sandy soil. 

Crowded alternate leaves, single flower buds in leaf axils

Habit and habitat of Styphelia triflora