Monday, July 16, 2012

Eremophila longifolia

Family: Myoporaceae

Common name: Berrigan, Emu Bush

Flowers: 1 to 5 brownish-red to dull orange pubescent (hairy) tubular flowers in leaf axils. Flowers are 25 to 30mm long, generally without spots, with stamens protruding past the mouth. Fruit is ovoid, green, shiny and smooth when immature, 5 to 12mm long. Flowering period is chiefly late winter to early summer, but can spot flower any time of year.

Leaves: Leaves are linear, up to 20cm long, pendulous, grey-green in colour, and covered in tiny hairs.

Habit: Eremophila longifolia is usually a large shrub to 2 metres, but can reach a height of 7 or 8 metres. It can be a spindly shrub or a neat, spreading shrub or tree. Eremophila longifolia can reproduce by root suckering, with an established shrub often being surrounded by a circle of smaller plants.

Habitat: Eremophila longifolia is widespread in almost all dry parts of Australia. In The Pilliga Forests I've seen it growing in Eucalypt woodland.

Stamens protrude from the tubular flower

Flowers grow from leaf axils

Pendulous linear grey-green leaves

Unripe fruit is smooth and shiny
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