Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hymenochilus bicolor

The prominent black tip
Name change: Hymenochilus bicolor was previously known as Pterostylis bicolor.

Family: Orchidaceae

Common name: Black Tip Greenhood

Flowers: 3 to 15 small green flowers, each about 6mm long. The upper part of the flower forms a small blunt hood and the lower sepals are pouched. The small green lip has a prominent greenish-black rounded appendage. Flowering from Aug to Oct.

Leaves and stem: This greenhood orchid has a basal rosette of 5 to 12 crowded ovate leaves 2.5cm by 1.2cm, and a central stem to 35cm tall.

Habit and habitat: Hemenochilus bicolor is a terrestrial orchid occurring in scattered groups in grassland, grassy forest and woodland.
Labellum triggered with my disturbance, protecting pollen