Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pterostylis boormanii

Pt. boomanii with labellum up

Family: Orchidaceae

Common name: Baggy Britches Greenhood

Flower: 2 to 6 flowers about 2cm long, dark reddish-brown with transparent markings in the hood. The densely hairy, broad, cupped lower sepals end in two long out-curved points. The thick brown lip has a central channel and white marginal hairs. Flowering period is Sept to Nov.

Leaves and stem: Pterostylis boormanii has a basal rosette of 6 to 12 leaves, often withered by flowering, and a central scape (stem) to 25cm tall.

Habit: This terrestrial orchid grows as scattered individuals or in small loose groups.

Habitat: Drier forests, especially Callitris (Cypress Pine) forests and woodland in well-drained position. Also occurs in Qld, Vic, SA.

Pterostylis boormanii with labellum (tongue) down ready for pollinators