Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dodonaea heteromorpha

Winged seed capsules of Dodonaea heteromorpha (Propeller Bush)
Family: Sapindaceae

Common name: Propeller Bush,

Flowers and fruit: Flowers of all Dodonaea are tiny and fleeting and not often observed. The fruit is an identifying feature of the plants. The seed capsule is 4-winged (I've seen 5-winged capsules), and pale green to reddish-green. The fruit of this Dodonaea is distinctive and unmistakable.

Leaves and stems: Single leaves or leaflets are dark green and flattened.

Habit and Habitat: Dodonaea heteromorpha is an erect shrub to 3mts high. I've seen this plant growing in the heaths of the central Pilliga in dry sandy environments. It is also found in Qld and Vic.
Four-winged capsule

Five-winged capsule

Flattened segments of leaflet