Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ptilotus semilanatus

Family: Amaranthaceae

Common name: Mulla Mulla

Flowers: The bright pink to purple flowers are clustered in a terminal, broadly conical or semi-circular, woolly head 2.5 to 3cm wide.

Leaves and stem: Narrow green leaves can be up to 6cm long and often have 'crinkled' margins. Plant to 30cm high, single-stemmed or multi-branched.

Habit: A perennial plant appearing in loose groups after rain in spring and summer. A clump of Ptilotus semilanatus is a beautiful sight.

Habitat: In the Pilliga Ptilotus semilanatus grows on sandy soil in open woodland. It also occurs in dry inland areas of Qld and Vic.

Notice the crinkled-edged leaf bottom center of image

Ptilotus semilanatus leaf with 'crinkled' margin
Habit and habitat of Ptilotus semilanatus in the Pilliga Forests