Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Isotoma axillaris

Rock Isotoma is a very attractive flower in the bush
 Family: Lobeliaceae

Common name: Rock Isotoma

Flowers: Flowers are pale blue to mauve, with a 25mm tube, and 5 equal spreading lobes 15 to 18mm long. There are many flowers on a plant, with each flower on a tall stem growing from a leaf axil.  Flowering period is Oct to May.

Leaves and habit: Leaves are narrow, up to 7cm long, and deeply divided into jagged lobes. Isotoma axillaris is a low bushy plant to 30cm tall.

Habitat: As its common name suggests, Rock Isotoma grows in a rocky habitat, usually crevices in boulders. I have seen it growing in sandstone outcrops in the eastern Pilliga. It is an instantly recognisable plant when in flower. Isotoma axillaris also grows in Qld and Vic in similar habitat.

The long tube is grooved. Flower and calyx lobes are spreading

Jagged leaves. Rocky habitat.