Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cyanicula caerulea

Cyanicula caerulea - formerly Caladenia caerulea

Name change: Cyanicula caerulea was formerly known as Caladenia caerulea.

Family: Orchidaceae

Common name: Blue Caladenia

Flowers: A single bright blue flower, about 2.5cm across, with an erect or recurved rear sepal and four other segments spreading forwards like the fingers of a hand. The curved lip has dark blue bars and two rows of yellow calli. Flowering period July to Sept.

Leaves and stem: One bright green, hairy, basal leaf, to 7cm to 0.5cm, which is usually flat on the ground. A thin wiry stem to 10cm tall.

Habit: A small colourful orchid which is often one of the first species to flower in spring, usually single plants scattered loosely.

Habitat: I have found Blue Caladenias on sandy soil, with or without leaf litter, in open woodland in the Pilliga. On the coast it occurs in heath, and can be found in Qld, WA, Vic, SA.
Cyanicula caerulea - Blue Caladenia

Sparsely hairy leaf and stem - in sandy soil

Buds, and size comparison with my hand

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