Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Acrotriche rigida

Flowers and buds covering stem of Acrotriche rigida

Family: Epacridaceae/Ericaceae

Common name: Prickly Groundberry

Flowers and fruit:  Clusters of tiny pale green and cream flowers grow directly from woody stems of the plant. The tubular flowers are only a few millimeters long with minute hairy lobes at the opening.Fruit is globose (roughly spherical), 2.5 to 3mm diameter, and pale green. My observations see that Acrotriche rigida flowers July and fruits September.

Leaves and stems: Leaves are stiff, spreading, lanceolate, up to a centimeter long and less than 2mm wide, strongly recurved, with a sharp apex. Stems are woody.

Habit and habitat: Acrotriche rigida is a robust, densely branched shrub up to 1.5 meters high and wide (although those I have seen have been no more than a meter high). They grow in dry forest and scrub.
Clusters of flowers generally contain between 4 and 7

Fruit of Acrotriche rigida

Spreading, strongly recurved leaves with a very sharp apex