Thursday, June 27, 2013

Eremophila deserti

Habit of Eremophila deserti in flower

Family - Scrophulariaceae

Common name - Turkey bush

Flowers and fruit - 1 to 4 cream tubular flowers in axils on flexible stalks about 1cm long. Flowering period is late winter to early summer. Fruit is ovoid, about 6mm long and 5mm wide.

Leaves - Leaves are linear to about 5.5cm long and 3 to 8mm wide with a pointed and hooked apex (not sharp).

Habit and habitat - Eremophila deserti is a spreading, generally dense, shrub to about 4mt occurring in a variety of dry environments.
Small, cream tubular flowers of Eremophila deserti

Fruit and leaves of Eremophila deserti

Habit and habitat of Eremophila deserti in The Pilliga