Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Isopogon petiolaris

Distinctive flowers of Isopogon petiolaris (Spreading Cone Bush)

Family - Proteaceae

Common name - Spreading Cone Bush, Drumsticks

Flowers and fruit - Flowers are carried in terminal yellow globular clusters, larger than 2cm diameter. Flowers are conspicuous and followed by rounded cones. Isopogon petiolaris can flower any time in spring and summer.

Leaves - Light green leaves are deeply lobed, stiff with a sharp point, and up to 15cm long. The leaf stalk is up to 9cm long and is two-thirds of the leaf length.

Habit and habitat - A low mounded ground cover to upright shrub less than a meter tall. Isopogon petiolaris is an eye-catching plant when flowering. It grows in dry sclerophyll forest and heath, commonly in stony sites. In The Pilliga it can occur in dry sandstone country.

Flowers, fruit and leaves of Isopogon petiolaris

Spreading habit of Isopogon petiolaris