Thursday, June 20, 2013

Leucopogon muticus

My finger gives a size comparison to the flowers of Leucopogon muticus

Family: Epacridaceae/Ericaceae

Common name: Blunt Beard Heath

Flowers: Small clusters of tiny white tubular flowers are borne in leaf axils. The 5 star-like lobes are densely covered on the inside with white hairs. Fruit is ellipsoid (oval), green turning dark. Flowering Sep/Oct.

Leaves and stems: Dull green leaves up to 15mm long and 3mm wide, slightly down-curved margins, broad rounded apex with a blunt tip. Young stems are reddish.

Habit and habitat: An erect shrub 1 to 2m tall in dry sclerophyll forest or exposed situations on sandy soil.
Note the slightly pubescent (hairy) fruit, and reddish young stem

Pilliga habitat - edges of eucalypt woodland