Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Geijera parviflora

Bushy habit of Geijera parviflora (Wilga) in The Pilliga

Family - Rutaceae

Common name - Wilga

Flowers and fruit - Flowers are about 5mm diameter, have 5 tiny white/cream triangular petals 1.5 to 2mm long, on racemes 4 to 7cm long. Fruit is spherical, 4 to 5mm diameter, with a single black seed protruding when the capsule splits in half. Flowers from Jun to Nov, and at other times.

Leaves and stems - Leaves are linear, up to about 18cm long, less than 1cm wide, with midrib raised on lower surface. Shrub or tree to 10mt high, pale and dark grey blotched stems.

Habit and habitat - Leaves and branches of Geijera parviflora are pendant, usually reaching the ground, but frequently trimmed by sheep. Wilga grows in mixed woodland communities and is very common in The Pilliga, widespread and easily recognised by it's bushy, weeping habit.

Long, narrow leaves of the Wilga

Tiny flowers of the Wilga are prolific but not easily noticed

Globose fruit splits in two revealing one black, shiny, crinkled seed

2-tone grey stems are usually hidden by weeping foliage