Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hemigenia cuneifolia

Delicate mauve tubular flowers of Hemigenia cuneifolia

Family - Lamiaceae

Common name - nil

Flowers - Mauve tubular flowers (8mm long) with upper lip 2-lobed, lower lip longer and 3-lobed [differs from Prostanthera in having 5-toothed calyx, not 2-lipped]. Flowers occur in leaf axils. Can flower from Aug to Apr. I have seen them flowering in Oct.

Leaves - Flat, wedged-shaped leaves in whorls of 3, up to 3cm long and 4mm wide, with a pointed apex. The central vein on the upper surface of the leaf is depressed.

Habit and habitat - Hemigenia cuneifolia is recorded to grow up to 2mt tall, but at this time I have only seen it growing to about 70cm high, and very spindly growth habit. It grows in dry sclerophyll forests on sandstone derived soils
Positioning of flowers in leaf axils

Leaves of Hemigenia cuneifolia

Spindly, straggly habit of Hemigenia cuneifolia in The Pilliga