Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Goodenia cycloptera

Goodenia cycloptera - Serrated Goodenia

Family - Goodeniaceae

Common name - Serrated Goodenia

Flowers - Yellow to pale yellow flowers, 3 erect petals and 2 downward facing petals. 10 to 15mm long. Flowers are on leafy racemes ascending from basal leaves. Pubescent (hairy) on the outside of the flower and in the throat of the flower.

Leaves and stem - Leaves toothed, with basal leaves larger than leaves on ascending stems. Softly hairy.

Habit and habitat - prostrate to ascending herb to 30mm. Sandy soil. There are 17 Goodenia reported to be native to The Pilliga.

Sepals to 3mm. Brown, hairy sections are the back of petals.

Basal leaves of a new plant

Habit varies