Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Leucopogon biflorus

Leucopogon biflorus

Family - Ericaceae

Common name - There does not appear to be a common name for this species of Leucopogon, but Leucopogons are collectively often known as Beard-heath or White-beard.

Flowers - Tubular flowers are solitary or two together, often bunched at ends of branches, white, and the 5 points of the tube are rolled back and fluffy. Sepals white. This is a very showy shrub in it's natural habitat. Flowers July to October.

Leaves and stems - Alternate green leaves are stiff with a spike at the tip, and striate/veined underneath. Stems are reddish-brown with very fine hairs.

Habit and habitat - Erect to spreading shrub to 2m high. Grows in sclerophyll woodland, skeletal sandy soils and rocky outcrops.

Plentiful flowers of Leucopogon biflorus - note the white sepals

Notice the pointed leaves

Spreading twigs of Leucopogon biflorus

Leucopogon biflorus is a showy shrub