Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Correa glabra var. glabra

Correa glabra var. glabra at Dandry Gorge

Family - Rutaceae

Common name - Rock Correa

Flowers and fruit - Flowers tubular, pale green, 15 to 30mm long, petals united, with protruding stamens. Calyx is cup-shaped without lobes. Flowering is sporadic - I photographed these flowers in early July.

Leaves and stems - Leaves are dark green, shiny, and slightly sand-papery. Stems of the shrubs I found were tomentose (fluffy).

Habit and habitat - Erect shrub nearly to 2m. Found on slopes, open woodland and rocky habitats.
The top side of the leaves of Correa glabra var. glabra

The underside of leaves, and branches, of Correa glabra var glabra