Friday, April 4, 2014

Myoporum montanum

Myoporum montanum - Western Boobialla

Family - Myoporaceae

Common name - Western Boobialla

Flowers and fruit - Single or several white tubular flowers to 8mm diameter on short stalks in leaf axils. Fruit is ovoid, but sometimes irregularly indented, smooth and light purple to reddish purple. Flowering period is winter to summer. I have seen Myoporum montanum flowering over several months, with plants in one area of The Pilliga flowering at different times to those of other areas of The Pilliga.

Leaves and stems - Leaves can be up to 14cm long, have entire margins, and are hairless. Limbs branch from a single stem. Stems and leaves are often purplish.

Habit and habitat - Myoporum montanum is a shrub or small tree to 8m but generally smaller, from 2 to 4m, growing in a variety of habitats from mallee to cypress and box communities, and is widespread.

Several flowers in leaf axils on short stalks - note the purplish stem and leaves

Leaves of Myoporum montanum

Fruit of Myoporum montanum

Irregular shape of some fruit of Myoporum montanum

Myoporum montanum in The Pilliga