Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Agave americana

Agave americana at 'The Aloes Picnic Area' in The Pilliga
Agave americana is an introduced plant, an escaped garden plant, which originated from Mexico.

Family - Agavaceae

Common name - Century Plant

Description - Blue-grey succulent leaves are lance-shaped, 1 to 2m long, with toothed margin and terminal spine. A robust flower spike to 5m tall appears in summer or autumn. Many flowers are clustered on branchlets. This introduced weed plant occurs around old habitations, roadsides and inland areas. It spreads thickly, crowding out native species.

Note - The Picnic/Rest Area in The Pilliga called 'The Aloes' has been wrongly named for the Agave that grow there, rather than Aloes.

Roadside Agave americana near Baradine

Agave americana growing at 'The Aloes' Historic Site in The Pilliga