Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bossiaea rhombifolia subsp. concolor

Bossiaea rhombifolia subsp. concolor

Family - Fabaceae (Faboideae)

Common name - Nil

Flowers and fruit - Typical 'pea' flowers are bright yellow and crimson, born singly in leaf axils on very short stalks. Pods are obovate up to 25mm long. (According to PlantNet, flowers sometimes lack dark markings.) Flowering period is July to October.

Leaves and stems - Bluish-green or green leaves, longer than they are wide, are alternate on tiny stalks on round or slightly flattened stems. The leaves are often folded upwards along midrib. Stems are green to reddish-brown.

Habit and habitat - A hairless shrub about 1m tall, Bossiaea rhombifolia subsp. concolor grows mainly in dry sclerophyll forests. This plant flowers profusely and is an attractive plant in the bush, especially en mass.

Note: There are 2 subspecies of Bossiaea rhombifolia recorded in The Pilliga. Subspecies rhombifolia has leaves that are nearly as wide as they are long, whereas, subspecies concolor (featured here) has leaves considerably narrower than they are long. I have not yet (March 2014) observed subspecies rhombifolia.
Bossiaea rhombifolia subsp. concolor

Stems are sometimes flattened, and leaves sometimes folded upwards

Unripe fruit of Bossiaea rhombifolia subsp. concolor

Bossiaea rhombifolia in its natural habitat in The Pilliga