Friday, April 4, 2014

Zieria aspalathoides

Zieria aspalathoides

Family - Rutaceae

Common name - Whorled Zieria

Flowers and fruit - 4-petalled flowers are pale to deep pink. Fruit has 4 segments. Flowering period is late winter to early summer.

Leaves and stems - Two groups of 3 leaves are whorled around the stem, with margins revolute (rolled under). When touched, the leaves have a strong smell. Branches are ridged.

Habit and habitat - Zieria aspalathoides is a neat shrub to about 1m, growing in sandy soil, often among rocks, in heath and sclerophyll forest.

The arrangement of leaves of Zieria aspalathoides

The underside of the leaves with downward rolled margins

4-segmented fruit of Zieria aspalathoides

Zieria aspalathoides growing in The Pilliga