Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Solanum ferocissimum

Flowers and spines of Solanum ferocissimum

Family - Solanaceae

Common name - Spiny Potato Bush

Flowers and fruit - Flower of Solanum ferocissimum is 15 to 20mm diameter, and has 5 white to pale blue triangular petals and prominent yellow stamens. Globular fruit is 5 to 8mm diameter, shiny red to almost black. Flowers throughout the year.

Leaves and stems - Shiny green leaves are narrow, 3 to 6cm long, with upper surface sparsely hairy and lower surface densely hairy. There are spines along the central upper vein of leaves. Prickles are abundant on the stems, but absent from inflorescences.

Habit and habitat - Solanum ferocissimum is an erect, spiny plant to 1mt high growing in colonies. Colonies of Solanum ferocissimum grow in sclerophyll forests in a variety of situations. It is a common plant.
My thumbnail gives a size comparison to the orange-red globular berry

Leaves, spines and fruit of Solanum ferocissimum