Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hybanthus monopetalus

Hybanthus monopetalus in The Pilliga

Family - Violaceae

Common name - Slender Violet

Flowers - Flowers are borne on racemes on long stalks at the end of stems or in axils. The conspicuous lower petal is blue-mauve 7 to 20mm long, and the upper petals are minute (2 to 3mm). Flowering period is summer. The round seed capsule is 3 to 6mm wide.

Leaves and stems - This slender plant has weak stems up to 60cm tall. Narrow leaves are widely spaced along the stems, slightly recurved, opposite on the upper plant.

Habit and habitat - Hybanthus monopetalus is a spindly perennial herb that is rarely noticed when not in flower. It grows mostly on sandy soils or rocky outcrops in dry sclerophyll forest. It also occurs in Qld, Vic and SA.

Long, narrow, slightly recurved leaves of Hybanthus monopetalus

Fruit of Hybanthus monopetalus