Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Solanum cinereum

Spines and woolly purple hairs on inflorescences

Family - Solanaceae

Common name - Narrawa Burr

Flowers and fruit - Flowers are mauve to purple, in groups of 2 to 7, about 35mm across, with spines on stalks and calyx - can also have dense woolly purple hairs on inflorescences and upper stems. The dark brown globular fruit is usually between 15 and 20mm diameter. Main flowering time is January to April, but flowers can occur at any time.

Leaves and stems - Dark green shiny leaves are irregularly shaped and up to about 12cm long. The underside of leaves is white to pale yellow and densely hairy. There are spines on all parts of leaves and stems of Solanum cinereum.

Habit and  habitat - An erect or bushy, prickly undershrub to about 1mt tall, and can occur singly or in colonies. Grows in a variety of habitats, commonly in Eucalypt forest or disturbed areas.
Shiny, prickly leaves and stems of Solanum cinereum

Large, dark brown fruit of Solanum cinereum

Understory habitat of Solanum cinereum