Thursday, June 20, 2013

Chamaesyce drummondii

Chamaesyce drummondii - Caustic Weed

Family - Euphorbiaceae

Common name - Caustic Weed, Flat Spurge

Flowers - Flowers are minute, inconspicuous and borne in small heads at the ends of small branches. Fruit is a round, hairless, 3-celled capsule.

Leaves and stems - Leaves are opposite, ovate, blue-green, 4 to 8mm long, with a very short stalk. Stems are often reddish.

Habit and habitat - Chamaesyce drummondii is a small, hairless prostrate plant, spreading to about 30cm across. It is found in open country, roadsides and disturbed areas. It often occurs as a garden weed.

Habit and size comparison of Chamaesyce drummondii (Caustic Weed)

Tiny 3-celled fruit on the underside of Chamaesyce drummondii (October)